Furfuryl Alcohol
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refining of lubricating oils & decolorizing agent

Furfural thanks several large scale applications to its solubility characteristics and its easy recuperation by steam distillation. Furfural has the unique property to dissolve aromatics and other unsaturated olefins. Today all major oil companies use furfural as selective solvent in the refining of lubricating oils. The first refining unit was built by a subsidiary of Texaco, the Indian Refining Company. This technology lead to production of high quality motor oil with improved temperature-viscosity properties. Aromatics, polar components, mercaptans are removed from petroleum by means of furfural extraction. Furfural can also be used as decolorizing agent to refine crude wood rosin.

purification technology for C4 and C5 hydrocarbons

During the Second World War the purification technology of butadiene was developed in the United States for the manufacture of synthetic rubber. By extractive distillation with furfural butadiene or isoprene can be separated from other C4 and C5 hydrocarbons, respectively.

reactive solvent and good wetting agent

Furfural is unusually effective as a solvent for phenolic resins. In the manufacture of abrasive wheels, brake linings and refractory products for the steel industry furfural is known as a reactive solvent and excellent wetting agent.

unique chemical feedstock for other furan derivatives

However, the main outlet of furfural is as chemical feedstock for the production of furfuryl alcohol and for other 5-membered oxygen-containing heterocycles, i.e. furan, methylfuran, acetylfuran, furfurylamine and furoic acid.
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