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Furfuryl alcohol is not an oil derived chemical. The basic raw materials for its manufacture are waste vegetable materials
such as sugar cane bagasse, oat hulls, corn cobs and rice hulls. This reactive alcohol plays a vital role in the production
of foundry sand binders. For over 40 years it has been extensively used to produce cores and molds for metal casting.
No wonder that the major part of furfuryl alcohol, manufactured at TransFurans Chemicals is purchased by foundry binder suppliers. Of course the remarkable properties of this chemical, such as low viscosity, high reactivity and excellent solvent characteristics have led to success in other fields.

Foundry industry

Furfuryl alcohol is the major ingredient in FURAN foundry binders [1]. The flexibility of furfuryl alcohol as a binder base is enormous. Today furfuryl alcohol is used in binders for HOT-BOX, WARM BOX and gas hardened processes as well as
in the traditional FURAN-NO-BAKE system.
  • Furan NO-BAKE (FNB) was introduced in 1958. It is suitable for making all types of metal castings in all sizes, and particularly used for the production of molds and larger cores. This acid catalyzed cold setting binder consist of a hardening catalysts such as sulfuric acids, sulfonic acids and phosphoric acids and of a reactive furan-type resin.
    FNB is known for its superior shakeout characteristics and the sand can be reused by thermal and/or mechanical reclamation [2].
  • Furan HOT BOX process uses furan resins in combination with a latent acid catalysts, e.g. ammonium salts. The WARM BOX process is operated at lower temperatures and was developed by the Quaker Oats Company for the
    rapid production of cores in existing hot box equipment. This type of furan binder contains more furfuryl alcohol than
    in hot box furan binders. A latent copper salt catalyst is used to cure the binder very rapidly upon heating
  • The Furan SO2 process is a gas cured binder system for the rapid production of small moulds and cores.
    Curing of the furanic resin occurs right away, when the sand mix is exposed to SO2 gas at room temperature.

    [1] FURAN is a generic term for binders containing furfuryl alcohol and either urea or phenol formaldehyde or mixtures of both.
    [2] Carey-PR; Lott-M Sand binder systems. Part V-Furan No-Bake. Foundry management & Technology July 1995, 26-30.
- Corrosion resistant fiber-reinforced plastics.
- Corrosion resistant cements and mortars.
- Reactive solvent for phenolic resins in the refractory industry.
- Chemical building block for drug synthesis.
- Paint stripper and cleaning compound formulation.
- Viscosity reducer for epoxy resins.
- Chemical feedstock for 5-membered oxygen heterocycles.
- Wood Modification.
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