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Industrial development of furfuryl alcohol

1864 Reduction of furfural to furfuryl alcohol with sodium amalgam
1934 Commercial availability of furfuryl alcohol via high, pressure catalytic hydrogenation from the Quaker Oats Company in Memphis, Tennessee.
1955 Commercial manufacture of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, a biodegradable water miscible solvent.
1957 Manufacture of levulinic acid from furfuryl alcohol by Quaker Oats until 1972.
1958 Introduction of furan resins as binders in the foundry industry with the Furan NO-BAKE process (furan-urea resins)
1962 Furan HOT-BOX process for foundry industry.
1971 Furan SO2-GAS CURING system for the foundry industry.
1972 Quaker's chemical division has built an additional furfuryl alcohol production facility in Geel, nearby Antwerp (Belgium).
1975 Expansion of the furfuryl alcohol production facility in Geel, Belgium.
1978 Furan WARM-BOX process for foundry industry (modified furan resins)
1980 Introduction of furfural or furfuryl alcohol modified phenolic resins as binders in the refractory and carbon industry
1985 Furfuryl alcohol as chemical intermediate for the pharmaceutical industry.
1994 Incorporation of International Furan Chemicals B.V. in the Netherlands by a group of people who have been involved with the highly specialized market of furfural, furfuryl alcohol and its derivatives for many years.
1995 International Furan Chemicals USA Inc. was incorporated in recognition of the North American market.
1998 The Belgian Furfuryl alcohol production facility becomes an independent entity - The name of the new company is TransFurans Chemicals bvba. TransFurans Chemicals is leader in furfuryl alcohol production worldwide.
1999 Introduction of water-soluble furan resins as binders in the glass fiber industry
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