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TransFurans Chemicals is the leading chemical manufacturer of furfuryl alcohol, the most significant derivative of furfural.
This reactive alcohol has determined the success of this biomass-based chemical industry.

For over 30 years this renewable chemical plays a vital role in the production of foundry sand binders. At our Belgian
production site in Geel the world's largest furfuryl alcohol unit is operated with an annual output of 40.000 ton.

Since 1972 this plant, at that time part of the chemical division of the Quaker Oats Company has been supplying foundry
resin manufacturers with furfuryl alcohol. Other furanic resins, such as biocarb and biorez formulations and specialty
furfural-based chemicals are produced by TFC's high qualified production team.

TFC is managed by people who have experience with this highly specialized furfural/furfuryl alcohol business for many years. For Research & Development we employ chemists, engineers and application experts to improve furfural and furfuryl alcohol production, to give our customers technical assistance and to explore new biomass-based products in the field of resin, fine and specialty chemical applications.
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